March 6th, 2011 § 4 comments

got some new glasses last week. i have been wanting these since my buddy ian told me about them a couple of months ago. i unfortunately broke my main sunglasses a little over a month ago so i had the chance to order these bad boys.

a company out of oregon named shwood makes them. the frames are built out of wood. i purchased the govy model with east indian rosewood, and of course they are the polarized version.
they have a few different models so be sure to check them out over at Shwood Shop
oh and they also have incredibly well designed packaging and awesome cloth case for the shades.

please excuse the dirty / dusty plexiglass the shades were set on. to lazy to clean.

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  • chad-bro-chill17 says:

    hard to excuse such dirty plexiglass

  • chad-bro-chill17 says:

    but sweet shades.

    The Chad is in awe of Gary’s unique and immaculate taste.

  • Hilary says:

    after admiring your shwoods all week on set (the name alone makes me happy) I am super impressed to find that this blog entry is the first thing that pops up after the company’s own site – now I have their link (and the bad news about 3-5 weeks before shipping, guess my bother is screwed for Christmas) as well all the news from my favorite young and and hip digitech – Garrett you rock!

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